David, the fact that I am able to write this letter to you is still unbelievable to me. And I could not have done it without my son, Alex.

Apparently, for the last 5 weeks, my son has put me on your program. Now, it’s like discovering a whole new world out there. I don’t remember the renovations that my wife and son had done inside the house, but I can remember everything that happened two years ago, prior to my brain disease starting off.

No more haze, confusion and anger. And the best part is that now I know who I am and what I’m doing. I’m in complete control. I’m even better at doing the Sunday Crossword now then I was in the past.

The only way I can describe this it’s like being in the dark for some time, where I couldn’t see or hear anything and then suddenly being pulled back to normal.

Marty Willow from Ohio
Marty Willow from Ohio

You’ve given me my mom back! This means the world to me! Before coming across this program, we’ve tried everything to improve her condition, from Aricept to Exelon and Razadyne. But they all made her feel worse. Within 3-4 weeks of taking this medication, her life began to completely unravel. She was unable to communicate verbally, she had nightmares every day, she began to sleep all day and not care about life at all. And the worst part of all is that she started to have difficulty keeping her balance and was at risk of falling down the stairs in her home (which never happened before). It was incredibly frustrating to see her like this and not being able to stop all her suffering.

Ever since I discovered your program, the change in my mother has been remarkable.

It’s like a switch in her brain has been turned back on and she’s now able to make sense of the world again.

From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Anne Parker, from Miami, Florida
Anne Parker, from Miami, Florida


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